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Oggi ho notato il sito

Incuriosito dal footer:

This site is optimized for Lynx just because fuck you.
I’m told it also looks good in graphical browsers.

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Sono andato a guardare nei sorgenti della pagina ed ho trovato questa interessante riflessione:

<!-- As I write this, the year is 2009, and the internet is STILL a battleground of so-called "intellectual property" disputes. Some people would have you believe that without proper financial incentives, music, literature, and software would disappear. After all, who would make music if they can't make money on it? Who would write? Who would program?

I know the answer. The answer is that musicians will make music, not because they can make money, but because musicians are the people who can't not make music. Writers will write because they can't not write. Most of the people you think of as artists are really just showmen. They collect a paycheck and go home at 5 o'clock. That's not art, that's commerce.

I've been programming since 1983 and releasing my code under Free Software licenses since 1993. I've been writing and publishing under Free Content licenses since 2000. I can't imagine not doing this. If you can imagine yourself not doing what you're doing, do something else. Do whatever it is you can't not do. -->

  • Vinnie Costante

    Interessante, sono d’accordo con lui