Upgrade MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2010) Hard Disk

If you have a MacBook and you want a dual boot system, perhaps you will soon fill at least one of your partition., because unluckily HFS+ is writable only with journaling disabled from Linux (yes, this time the kernel without GNU!), and the same is for ext4 from OsX.

But this is not a problem! Storage is cheep!

The steps for a successful upgrade are:

  1. Buy a external HD (I found a Trans 500GB StoreJet2.5in, well done, easy to open, but you will have to «remove the ‘do not remove’ stickers»)
  2. Burn the latest Clonezilla live CD
  3. Follow the device-device mode and clone you disk (I had a 2GB/min average speed)
  4. Follow the official MacBook User Guide to remove the old hard-disk from the MacBook.
    1. pinzeThe guide is ok, but if you don’t have the right tool to open the 4 mounting Torx screws placed on the disk itself, you can carefully use some pliers (as I did).
  5. Swap the drives and reboot.

In my experience everything was ok, and I got a working copy of the disk with 250GB of unpartitioned space.

Now launch gdisk (GPT enabled fdisk), backup the GPT table and add the new partitions you want. I forgot to backup the GPT (you can’t backup it on the drive you are working on…), but luckily I took a picture of the partitions listing with my phone. That saved me from a complete failure :)
Now it’s the turn of LVM2 and btrfs!